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12mm (1/2 inch)

Everything that we have in 12mm...we find this a wonderful intermediate size...It lends itself to being used either whole or nipped down into smaller elements.

  1. Our 12mm sintered glass tile is made in the same factory as Opus Romano by Bisazza in an 100% green process using powdered recycled window glass and pigments. Cutting these is a dream...the proverbial hot knife through butter....
  2. 12mm porcelain from Winckelmans or France. This hard to find size is extremely usefull for backgrounds in Roman style mosaics. The same 4mm thickness as the standard 20mm Winckelmans. If you need to cut porcelain it is best to use a good quality wheeled nipper such as Leponitts.
  3. Our new foild backed hand cut collection from India. Notable for its jewel bright colors and extreme brilliance this collection includes previously rare colors such as fuchsia, magenta and royal purples. As it is hand made the size may not be as consistent as our molded tiles.

Guide to finishes and textures

  1. Standard glass tiles have a glossy impervious surface that is easy to clean and reflects light. The colours appear strong and vivid.
  2. Pearlized or iridized tiles are treated with an acid based wash that creates a permanent oil on water finish that refracts into multiple colors. The pearlescent or pearl finishes may be slightly softer than iridized or iridescent finishes.
  3. Matte finished glass or full body porcelain tiles have a textured surface that diffused light during reflection so that colors appear softer and more naturalistic. This finish is also particularly useful for floors as it has non slips properties.

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