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Matte (kg):+/-800 pieces

Traditional Ottoman tiles made from recycled glass (mostly windowpane glass that it powdered, filtered and then melted) and colored with natural minerals and colour oxides. Each tile is stamped into individually pressed shapes rather than the common method of molding. Each tile is annealed through a linear kiln to become the strongest and most durable mini glass mosaic available with excellent colour fastness and may be cut easily and accurately using wheeled nippers without crumbling or waste. The smooth, even surface reflects and refracts light evenly to produce vivid colour and life and the range of shades and tones make this product an excellent choice for all levels of mosaic.

 Guide to finishes and textures

  1. Standard glass tiles have a glossy impervious surface that is easy to clean and reflects light. The colours appear strong and vivid
  2. Pearlized or Iridized tiles are treated with an acid based wash that creates a permanent oil on water finish that refracts into multiple colors. The pearlescent or pearl acid wash may be slightly softer than iridized. 
  3. Matte finished glass tiles have a textured surface that diffuses reflecting light, that colors appear softer and more natural. This finish is also useful for floors and in wet areas as it has higher anti slip properties than regular glass mosaic.


  • 1/2 inch (12mm) square
  • 1/8 inch (4mm) thick
  • 1000g = 2.2 lbs= ±800 tiles
  • ±1.3 square foot
  • ±8kg (20lbs) = 1 aquare meter
  • double fired
  • easy to cut with wheeled nippers
  • flat on both sides
  • UVA and frost resistant
  • recycled, green product
  • extremely strong and hard wearing
  • full matrix color


1 sq foot= +/-650g or 500 tiles

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