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Pate de Verre:1kg (±300pcs))

Traditional Ottoman tiles made from recycled glass and coloured with natural minerals and oxides.

The glass powder is then stamped in a mold and fired in a linear kiln.

The annealing process is done slowly to create excellent crystalline structure resulting in an exceptionally strong tile.

Due to the regularity of the crystal cutting and nipping is like a hot knife through butter with little or no crumbling or wastage.

The smooth, even surface reflects and refracts light evenly to produce vivid color and life while the wide range of shades and tones make this product an excellent choice for all levels of mosaic.

  • 1 x1 inch 
  • 1/6 inch thick 
  • 1000g (2.2 lbs) =+/- 300 pieces 
  • 1000g = +/- 2 square feet 
  • UVA and frost resistant
  • Maybe used on commercial floors and walls

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