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38mm (1.5inch)

Sintered tile is manufactured from refuse float (or Pilkington) glass and color oxides.

The ratio of refuse glass to color oxides for the color line averages 97:3.

The manufacturing process differs from that of most glass mosaic lines as those typically entail a large furnace of red-hot liquid glass which is poured into or through molds which give the mosaic its shape. This tile is manufactured in a sintered process which stamps raw materials (in our case, pulverized float glass and color oxides) into individually pressed mosaic shapes. Conveyed through a linear kiln, these small powder pieces emerge after fusing and annealing as the strongest, most durable glass mosaic on the market.

  • 38 x 12mm subway style rectangles.
  • 1/7 inch thick
  • UVA and Frost resistant
  • Full body matrix color
  • Easy to cut with wheeled nippers
  • This shape is particularly useful for outlining or framing mosaic projects.

  • Color 087: 100g

    Color 087: 100g

    Unit: 100g

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  • Iridised 091: 100g

    Iridised 091: 100g

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  • Everything Mix: 500g

    Everything Mix: 500g

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