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Great News we are open again and have started sending out orders today. We should be completely caught up by the 16th of June..I am very sorry for this delays these issues caused. To make it up to you we will be sending out a discount code with all orders made up until the 15th June.
Please only use PayPal if you have credit in your PayPal account, if you use a credit card there are extra charges as our parent company is based in Europe. Please process credit and debit card payments through our Bank of America "" secure portal.
For China direct ordering go to, orders can be made and paid for by Paypal. Shipping is not yet automated as there are 3 possibilities all rates are lowest when over 100kg (220lbs):
Sea to door:+/-40 days: approx 4US$/kg over 100kg
Bulk Courier:+/-21 days: approx 6.75US$/kg over 20kg
Direct Courier:+/-10 days: approx 8.30US$/kg over 10kg
We will quote an exact price for your approval.