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Moretti Stained Glass

Collection of stained glass from Effetre of Murano. This is mouthblown low temperature Italian glass from Moretti that is COE 104 (compatible with Effetre millifiori and rods). It has an uneven antique finish with inclusions and bubbles....This is not machine glass please be aware that surface imperfections are desirable. Perfect for glass on glass mosaic as well as large scale murals and mosaic paintings. Each plate is 25x25cm (approximately 10x10inches) and is 3,5mm thick. Each plate weighs approximately 420g (1lb). COE 104. Compatible with all Moretti and Effetre Glass for fusing and slumping EXCEPT alabaster rods. UVA and frost resistant. GLASS IS FRAGILE, SHIP AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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