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15mm (3/5 inch)

At Quadra we have created a collection of Sicis style glass mosaic that delivers the look of Sicis for a reduced cost, this collection comes close to the range and brilliance of the original and offers excellent value.

This collection is based on Sicis special 15x15mm format that is flat on both sides for reduced wastage and greatly increased ease of use. The formula for this collection of glass mosaic is calculated to create brilliance, vivacity and improved cristalline structure to deliver precise and crumb free cutting. The molded surfaces are slightly uneven increasing the refraction of light so that the mosaic is 'alive' to changes in the direction and intensity of light or the angle of the viewer.

All sheets are 13x13 inches (1.12 square foot) and contain 400 tiles each 3/5inch square and 1/9 inch thick.  All collections are either sheeted on film, paper or mesh depending on transparency.

We also offer sample sized mini sheets of 25 tiles. Please note as this collection is handmade there are larger color variations than in the standard collections. Please order all the tiles needed for a project from 1 dye lot to avoid non matching tiles.

Cutting is extremely easy and precise with wheeled nippers as the both sides are flat.

The Element collection is based on the Murano Smalto range featuring full body, rich, opaque color.

Opaline is an Iridium lookalike using the Element collection with a permanent acid mother of pearl layer added.

Lucid is a collection of transparent and semi transparent colors.

Shimmer is a collection of transparent and semi transparent colors with a permanent acid mother of pearl layer added.

Starlight is made from the Lucid collection with the addition of a fully fused metallic backinf that mimics Sicis' Colibri, these tiles are an excellent replacement for colored mirror.

Cosmic takes the Starlight collection and adds a permanent acid mother of pearl layer.

Constellation combines color coordinated tiles from the various collections to create exciting blends for installation and art.

The Marble and Glass colection combines natural stone with glass please note that these tiles are much thicker that the rest of our 15mm collections.

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