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Opaline: Iridised

Opaline is a Sicis Iridium lookalike using the Element and Lucid collections with a permanent acid mother of pearl layer added.


  • 3/5 inch (15mm) square
  • 1/9 inch (3mm) thick
  • Sheet = 400 tiles
  • Sheet = 1.12 square feet
  • 9.4 sheets per square meter
  • Flat front and back so both sides can be used
  • Cuts easily with minimal shattering
  • UVA and frost resistant
  • Permanent mother of pearl finish
  • Sheeted for easy installation

Usages (include but are not limited to):
• Walls, Floors, Pools, Kitchens, Bathrooms 
• Architectural and hobby both indoor and outdoor

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