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Shimmer: Transparent Iridised

This molded transparent glass has full body transparent color and a permanent shimmering mother of pearl layer on the upper surface. Fantastic for glass on glass work as well as on other surfaces. Due to the high degree of transparency we recommend using a white glue and/or background. Almost fully transparent with a bewitchingly subtle iridescent finish this series is almost identical to Sicis Glimmer collection at a fraction of the cost.


  • 3/5 inch (15mm) square 
  • 1/9 inch (3mm) thick 
  • Transparent with iridescent permanent coating
  • Sheet = 400 tiles 
  • Sheet = 1.12 square feet 
  • 9.4 sheets per square meter 
  • Flat front and back so both sides can be used 
  • Cuts easily with minimal shattering 
  • UVA and frost resistant 
  • Sheeted for easy installation 
  • Film mounted for easy removal or installation

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