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Millefiori, Gems and Accents

A collection of handcrafted embellishments and accents in glass and ceramic. We carry only the Original Effetre Millefiori from Murano in Italy. It is more expensive than that Chinese Baoli but the difference in quality and finish is noticeable. Effetre glass products are world renowned for their stunning colors and patterns. The COE is 104 and is compatible with our Moretti Glass plates and rods made in Effetre's factory to their exacting recipes. Master ceramicist Anne Cardwell has made a charming range of vintage inspired high fired ceramic accents that add old world charm especially when combined with our heritage porcelain from the famous Winckelmans brand from France. We also manufacture our own custom range of mini and maxi glass gems in hard to find colors and finishes. These are great to use in combination with fusing and pottery as they are made with stable components that melt al lower tempertaures. Please test individually before use as there is no standard COE.

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