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The photos on this web site are provided to assist you in making a choice of species. They should give you some ideas as to the color and range in a given tile or product and other related characteristics or issues specific to that collection. Color in the photo may vary from the actual product due to:

  • the translation and reproduction limitations of photography
  • the limitations of viewing photos at web site resolutions
  • the limitations and/or variations of viewing photos on your individual monitor with its variable color and/or resolution scheme
  • the greater variation in shade, color, and/or character of your purchased product than is shown in the photo, as color, shade, form and tone may vary from supplier to supplier and from each delivery that is the nature of heat formed materials such and glass, porcelain and ceramics

We think that the following companies offer the best materials available to mosaic lovers:


Quadra: Asian glass has come a long way since the first outsourcing. Most large glass tile companies are now manufacturing their basic product line in China and it is not hard to see why. Major investments in tile technology and excellent pricing have made Asian tile the best value on the market. Quadra is a European based speciality tile company using 5 factories in mainland China to produce their E.U. standard mosaic. Widely sold under private label programs throughout Europe and North America, Quadra mosaic meets both US and EU standards.
See: Quadra

Winckelmans: Classic French quarry tile and porcelain of the finest quality manufactured since 1894 by the original Winckelman family. The porcelain range has 36 colours that mimic the natural beauty of stone. The Winckelmans name has become synonymous with quality worldwide. The production plant in Lille, France, manufactures over 600,000 square metres of tiles each year.
See: Winckelmans

Smalti: There are only 2 manufacturers of traditional Italian smalti in the world and we buy from both of them. Smalti needs no introduction to mosaic lovers but for those not familiar with this gorgeous product visit Orsoni
See: Smalti

Millefiori: Made by only one company in Murano, Venice, millefiori are an essential part of glass art. Although designed for fusing and melting to produce the Murano glass renowned for its delicacy, millifiori has enjoyed increased popularity as an element in mosaic.
See: Millefiori


Tools: Leponitt has rightfully received accolades for its glass cutting tools. The wheeled nipper is the single most popular nipper in the modern mosaic artists tool box. The straight edge nipper is a cost conscious alternative for schools and studios. Both these nippers are tungsten carbide and drop-forged.
See: Tools