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Studio Collection

A wonderful line of high quality pure glass colored with the finest minerals.

Made using different viscosities of molten glass so that the colors combine in marbling and swirling patterns.

The surface is superheated for a high gloss finish with a slight textural feel.

No bubbles or stippling is present so the cuts made are clean and precise without crumbling.

This is a premium glass product and is comparable to Trend and Bisazza but at a significantly lower price.

  • 3/4 inch (20mm)square
  • 1/9 inch (3mm) thick
  • sheet of 225 tiles (sample pieces of 25 tiles are available as well)
  • sheet = +/- 1.1 square foot
  • 9.4 sheets per square meter
  • beveled and keyed for better adhesion
  • UVA and frost resistant
  • superior strength and appearance
  • easily cut with wheeled nippers
  • mesh mounted for easy installation 

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